Jamaica Blend 12 - «Esters' Delight»

Edition: 2021
Collection: The Spirit of Art Limited Edition
Type: Blend of High Esters Pot Still Rum
Distillery: 5 Distilleries in Jamaica
Region: Jamaica
Cask number: 2093
Distilled in: 2008
Bottled in: 2020
Still type: Pot Still
Outturn: 285 bottles
ABV: 56.3%
Tropical ageing: 2 years on average
Continental ageing: 10 years

The spirit of art Ledaig 01

bn+BRINANOVARA is a duo composed by Giorgio Brina (1993) and Simone Novara (1994).

Giorgio Brina graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Brera in Milan and Simone Novara studied painting at the University of the Arts London and graduated in Architecture at Politecnico of Milan.

They live and work in Milan.

The pigmy seahorse is a highly-territorial mini-animal, which lives in complete symbiosis with its own environment.

The seahorse painted disguises itself as the environment, and it is made by the erosion of several thin layers of different colours, painted one over the other.
Somehow the painting metamorphoses in accordance with the sensible instability that characterise the contemporaneity, alike a glitch.


Courtesy of CRAG Gallery - Turin

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